Cow embryo transfer

Dyfed Farm Vets provide a complete embryo transfer (ET) service including flushing, processing, implanting and/or freezing and storage. This will enable you to rapidly increase the numbers of high genetic merit animals in your herd, or simply provide a cost effective tool in the day to day management of your herd’s fertility.

ET is an advanced reproductive technology recognised worldwide as the fastest and most economical method of genetic multiplication to increase the impact of outstanding animals in your herd. ET helps the breeder produce more offspring from cows that have proven themselves as good breeding animals and can also shorten the generation interval for faster genetic progress when flushing a heifer with great genetic potential.

Dyfed Farm Vets also provide a ‘stopper embryo’ service where a cheap, easy calving embryo is non-surgically inserted into problem breeder animals seven days after their heat. This gives a cost effective increase in conception rates and provides an additional tool to keep highly productive animals within your herd.

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