About us

Dyfed Farm Vets formed in July 2021 after the merger of the farm departments of two long standing Carmarthenshire based practices, Carmarthen Veterinary Centre and Market Hall Vets. Carmarthen Vets formed in 2008 after the merger of Ark Vets, Merlin and Fairlane after Carmarthen Mart had moved from the centre of Carmarthen to its current home at Nantyci. Market Hall vets has been based in St Clears for over 40 years having previously been Mitchell and Morgan.

We pride ourselves on providing a dedicated professional farm veterinary service throughout the South West Wales, from Haverfordwest to the Gower and up into Ceredigion. We have dedicated farm veterinary surgeons, who have an extensive range of abilities to cover proactive routine work as well as 24-hours a day, 365 days a year emergency service.

As well as on farm visits, we have the facilities to treat sheep and calves in-house at our purpose built premises at our Carmarthen site.

Based at two locations in the Dyfed area, we provide clinical and non-clinical expertise to all areas of the farming industry, large or small in the dairy, beef and sheep world. We will help you get the best from your livestock by working with you to ensure that they are fit and healthy with maximum productivity throughout their lives.

Our vets not only cater for the ‘emergency blue light’ situations but will work with you to establish a more proactive preventative health environment to help keep your herds at a higher level of performance and giving your farm better productivity. We do this with herd and flock health plans which include fertility visits, animal condition scoring and animal welfare arrangements. We will discuss and help you manage infectious disease diagnosis and control including TB testing.

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